Your account

In Openpay you'll have two types of accounts:

a) Test Account

In order to start using our platform you need to have an account in our test environment. If you do not have an account yet, you can do get it here, it is free and easy.

With this account you can test the entire API functionality without performing any real charges or payments. Use this environment to integrate and test your application.

The location of the testing environment is:


API: Production:

b) Production Account

To begin processing actual shipping charges and payments, you should get your activation on the production environment. This can be made from your test account where you have to fill a form with your business information. Your information will be reviewed and in case we need more information we’ll contact you.

Upon acceptance of your application we’ll send an email so you can create the password to access the production portal and then you’ll be able to send and receive actual payments.

The location of the production environment is:



Note: Once you have access to the production environment, be careful of which environment you are doing your requests.

API Keys

You’ll have two keys in each of the environments (test or production):

  • Public Key: You can use this key on your front-end code (like html), and it only will allow you to create tokens.

  • Private Key:
    You can use this key to do all the API operations, keep it secret and safe, so only use it on your back-end.

API Organization

You can use two different type of accounts with our API:

Account types

  • Business: This is your main account which was create when you signed up, you can only have one business account.

  • Client: This is an account associated to your main business account and you can create as many as you need.


Throughout the documentation you’ll find requests per business or per client, which will indicate you how to manage a resource for a specific account.

Each account has resources that can (POST), update (PUT), get (GET) or delete (DELETE),and depending on where you place the transaction is the type of account that will be affected; ie if you make a charge at business level, your main balance will be increased but if you make it at client level this is the one which will be updated.

Note: There are resources such charges, payouts, cards, bank_accounts that are available for both types of account, so you must be careful when making the requests.