How to know the version of the API?

The API versions can be managed through the resources’ URL.

For example if you make a request to the URL:


​The version that is being handled in version 1.

For the URLs only highest version number are handled, the lower version numbers are not used to maintain compatibility between updates.

What changes do we handle as compatible between versions?

  • Add new resources
  • Add new optional parameters to existing methods
  • Changing an optional parameter to become required in existing methods
  • Add new properties in existing answers
  • Change the order of the properties in objects responded
  • Change in identifiers format at any time, if card identifier now starts with k, we can change it to start with l later
  • Change in length of strings for identifiers which never exceed 255 characters
  • Add new WebHooks


Note: Asegúrate que este tipo de cambios en el API de Openpay son manejados de manera correcta en tu integración.


API Changelog

  • 2018-08

    • Multiple refunds feature, the same way as partial refunds works, as many refunds as required are allowed until reach the amount of the charge, this feature requires to be enabled
  • 2018-06

  • 2018-06

    • Option added for card information update such as holdername, expiration date and secure code, see details
  • 2018-03

    • SafeKey is now supported in aggregator model
  • 2018-02

    • Improvements in Openpay fee charge model
  • 2018-01

    • Charged fee currency attribute is included in response transaction and notifications
  • 2017-11

    • Added 3.3 version for CFDI issuing